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Web Video Servers


All About Video is the exclusive provider of Hartford Digital Video/Audio Streaming Web Servers. We frequently customize these servers to accommodate the specific needs of each purchaser. It captures a video signal from a camera and audio from your existing sound system then digitally pushes it to one of our servers where it is rebroadcast to as many viewers as you want to have access it. The viewer can access the video by clicking on a link within your web site or a web page we provide. After entering a valid password, the viewer's default media player will open and begin playing the live streaming video with audio. The presentation can then be archived by the touch of one button to be available for on-demand viewing access for as long as you want it to be available.

As complex as the technology is, the Graphic User Interface makes it very easy to operate. You can even set it to begin a streaming session at a future date and time for a specified duration with ease. All About Video will coordinate with your Web Developer to integrate video links into your existing web site. If you don't have one we can build a site for you whether you want an inexpensive generic one or an extensive detailed site.


Call us today for more information and a free quote to match your specifications.


This process can also be integrated with a credit card processor so you can charge-per-view.



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