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Digital Video Recorder 101


How a DVR works

Cameras input directly into a DVR which captures the video signal digitally and records it onto a hard drive. It can store weeks of video surveillance and provide you with instant access to any time period of pre-recorded video. 

This method is much better than traditional VHS tape recording for three main reasons:

  • Digital video yields a much higher quality recording with more detail

  • It stores considerably more days of video than a VHS tape can

  • DVRs are virtually maintenance free. There are no tapes to be changed and it automatically deletes the oldest video to make room for the new

It is also easy to view prerecorded video. You can go directly to the date and time that you want to view instead of rewinding, fast-forwarding, stopping, and playing to find the time you need. You can also view pre-recorded video at various speeds in forward and reverse.



A Hartford Digital DVR is also a Web Server. You can log on via the Internet from virtually anywhere to view live or prerecorded video. A password system protects your DVR from being viewed by unauthorized persons.

You can also monitor live video via a direct telephone line connection

without the need for internet service. 

Numerous security features help you protect your DVR from being shut down or tampered with. Users can be assigned varied levels of authority to restrict access to only the settings and cameras that they need access to.

The DVR can notify your wireless phone or pager when a camera goes offline,

 when there is motion in an unauthorized area, even if there is system trouble.

A Hartford Digital DVR can be connected to most cash registers so you can view the items being rung-up while you are looking at what the customer is actually receiving. It can also be interfaced with alarm devices to trigger recording or alerts. 

Any DVR we build can be customized to suit your specific needs. It will be delivered to you "ready to go" with all of the user names, passwords, and settings programmed to save you loads of install and configuration time.


All About Video is the exclusive provider of Hartford Digital video equipment.

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