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Compression Encryption Server

Store sensitive security video off-site at a tamper free host.

A CES is a server with an exclusive feature. Just as the name describes it compresses and encrypts CCTV video signals. Then it transmits them across the Internet and stores them remotely in a secure Video Vault. The video archives can then be searched and viewed from anywhere with the provided software.
Authorize users to view live or pre-recorded video 24/7 from any PC (or Apple system) via the Internet. The encrypted video stream protects from unauthorized access.
This server can be used in conjunction with any Hartford Digital DVR or as a stand-alone server (without on-site video recording).
Monthly fees range dependant on the term of archive and the number of cameras. Archives range from 30 days to 3 years.
Hundreds of cameras can be monitored from any location. Pinpoint any specific date and time at the touch of your keyboard.

Hartford Digital CES 2.0 Compression Encryption Server $799




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