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Panasonic WJ-HD300 Series Embedded DVRs

WJ-HD309: 9 channel DVR with 160GB hard drive

Panasonic presents the new WJ-HD300 Series with a unique new system featuring a high compression ratio of 1/30 for practical use. Under the concept of "All-in-One Solution," all the factors required for a surveillance recorder are condensed into one unit. With one single unit, unprecedented highly reliable surveillance recording is possible in a wide range of applications. Furthermore, it also features System Scalability to comply with extended user needs. New algorithm divides entire screen into high and low frequency elements to reduces artificial distortions and noise compared to a conventional compression. Core Development of the WJ-HD300 Series


  • High-density recording: 60 ips (120 ips @SIF)
  • Full rate live multi screen: 60 ips
  • Simultaneous Live/Rec./Playback/Network
  • 16 independent recording profiles
  • Disk partitioning: Normal, Alarm, and Copy
  • RAID 5 and mirror redundant recording
  • Advanced VMD (Video Motion Detector): Area, direction, and vector
  • Various Network Operations: Live, PTZ control, Recording, Playback, and Downloading
  • Network and serial open architecture

WJ-HD316A: 16 channel DVR with 500GB hard drive
(Same features as described above)


Panasonic WJ-HD309  $4,900


Panasonic WJ-HD316A  $5,749





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